Lifetime of Fun

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  • Lane Shoemaker, 10, and Caitlyn Rexroat, 12, joking around during the game. Caitlyn and Lane make a good team and scored several goals working together, (photo by L. Kilbey).

  • Lane Shoemaker, 10, Emma Rinehart, 10, Nicholas Moore, 11, and Abby Warczakoski, 10, are guarding each other as Emma tries to score a point. Lane is down the court calling for the ball with his hand up, (photo by L. Kilbey).

  • Coach Delgado is explaining the rules of Handball while the students await instructions. Nick Moore, 11, standing in the goal box excited to play the LTS game, (photo by L. Kilbey).

  • On Oct. 8, the Life Time Sports students are lined up to play handball. It is one of the new games that the LTS class has learned, (photo by L. Kilbey).

  • Tyler Morey, 12, celebrates while he struts down the court. Tyler doing great and scored several points on Oct. 8, (photo by L. Kilbey).

  • On September 11, Lane Shoemaker runs to make the first down catch. His team is down and this catch tied the game up, (photo by M. Hood).

  • On Sept. 11, Lane Shoemaker, 10, cuts right to get into open space and catch the football. Caitlyn Rexroat, 12 made another run to get open for the ball, (photo by M. Hood).

  • During their game on Sept. 11, Lane Shoemaker, 10, makes an amazing catch. This LTS class was playing two hand touch football and Lane’s team had just tied the game up, (photo by M. Hood).

  • On September 11, Colby Stewart, 12, catches the ball from Lexi Matthews, 11. His team won this game of two hand touch football in their LTS class, (photo by M. Hood).

  • On September 11, Aiden Wegele, 10, catches his breath after catching his team’s game winning touchdown. The throw was the last chance to break the tie between his opponent and Aiden did it, (photo by M. Hood).

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