Flashback to First Semester: Drafting, Manufacturing and Engineering

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  • On September 26, Ashley Paulsen, 9, focuses in as she completes the next assignment in her Auto CADD book. During the class period students work through different assignments listed for them in a book (Photo by A. Hatfield).

  • During class on Sept. 26, Isaiah Campbell, 9, helps out classmate Alex Banh, 9, as he completes his Auto CADD project. David Londene, drafting teacher, drafting class is the introductory class to the CADD classes (Photo by A. Hatfield).

  • On Sept. 26, Elizabeth Wood, 11, works in her Drafting class, she tasked with completing the next chapter in her CADD work book. Wood pays close attention to detail as she reads closely to see what her next step is going to be (Photo by A. Hatfield).

  • During his Drafting class on Sept. 26, Luke Bunker, 10, designs a concept from his CADD workbook. Bunker’s class is working independently in their workbook to learn new abilities and concepts in Drafting design (Photo by A. Hatfield).

  • On Sept. 26 David Londene, drafting teacher, assists Isiah Campbell, 9, work through his design. Londene’s drafting class is the intro class that teaches you the CADD basics before taking the CADD classes (Photo by A. Hatfield).

  • On Oct. 9, Justin Clark, 10, works on his bird house in the sixth hour Manufacturing and Engineering class. This class focuses on the students exposure to working with materials such as metals, wood and plastic (Photo by K. Oakes).

  • On Dec. 11, Preston Alread, 9, asks David Londene, drafting teacher, for help on his CAD project. Drafting is the introductory class to the CAD program and teaches its students the basic knowledge of computer aided drafting (Photo by H. Smith).

  • In David Londene’s, drafting teacher, fourth hour class, Gabe Harsh, 9, tries to finish his CAD project. With the semester coming to an end students work diligently to make sure all of their online drafting programs are complete (Photo by H. Smith).

  • On Oct. 9, Bobby Long, 12, hammers a nail into his bird house. Andrew Shockley’s, shop teacher, Manufacturing and Engineering class works on their birdhouses (Photo by K. Oakes).

  • During the sixth hour Manufacturing and Engineering class, on Oct 9, Hunter Williams, 11, positions the pieces of wood into a right angle. Williams and other students created bird houses for their unit about woodworking (Photo by K. Oakes).

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