Home, but Not Alone


On July 24, I took this as my family drove into Estes Park, Colo. We have been taking trips there for the past five years, but with Covid-19, our trip has been canceled like many others trips planned by students (Photo by A. Kice).

During spring break the announcement was sent out that in-school classes were cancelled for the remainder of the year, and now most of the world is stuck in isolation. I was at home when I got a call from my dad. He told me that a friend of his at work mentioned that the governor had cancelled school for the remainder of the school year. I hadn’t heard anything myself and was hesitant to believe it. A couple days later I heard an official release that the governor had cancelled school but nothing more. I knew that COVID-19 was spreading, and it was dangerous for people who are immunocompromised, like my mom, to go outside in public, but this gave me a new sense of urgency. I didn’t find this announcement exciting; I was worried about what the consequences of this would be. What about graduation, would I have to take an extra quarter or semester? What about the AP exam?

As the days passed, more and more information was being released, and I felt the anxiety go away. I was glad to know what was happening

However, as the days passed it became difficult being put into self-quarantine. Cabin fever set in quickly, but I began to find a few things to help me through. I had projects, and more recently, assignments which were helpful. Plus my very energetic puppy to keep me busy.

My mom was able to get administrative leave from work, which made me feel better, knowing she wouldn’t be walking around surrounded by people at the state psychiatric hospital where she works. 

I know things seem crazy, but find some things to focus your mind. The main thing to remember is that many of you are home with some great pieces of technology. I received a text from a friend over one of our assignments and we talked for about half an hour, which was helpful to connect with a friend who is in a similar situation. My advice would be to send a message out to some of your friends if you haven’t already. It gives a form of social interaction which people need. My next piece of advice is to read. I know not everyone enjoys reading but if you find a book, series, a comic, or even something to listen to, that you like, then hours can go by and you may enjoy it. COVID-19 has changed the world, but don’t let it keep you from enjoying life.