Mix and Match Classes


The photo imaging class ranges from many different levels and all grade levels (photo by K. Tran).

Kathlyn Tran, Staff Writer

Mixed classes are a normal part of the high school and students are accustomed to having classes with multiple different age groups. Middle and elementary schools are more separated in terms of grade levels. Students at the high school either find these classes enjoyable or are indifferent to them. 

“I don’t really think that it makes that much of a difference. It’s the same as all my other ones,” Norah Mcmains, 9, said.

From a student’s perspective, there are also benefits to having mixed-grade classes.

“It’s nice to have. [In] mixed classes, older, upperclassmen, [are] good role models for us. They can start things at the beginning of the year when all the freshmen are all really quiet. The upperclassmen, or even the sophomores, step up. So that was nice,” Mcmains stated. 

Teachers can see a difference between how students act with their peers in mixed versus non-mixed classes.

“For geometry, it’s mainly sophomores with like one or two freshmen. I’d say in the sophomore [dominating] classes they act pretty much the same with a couple of freshmen as they would with each other. However, with Algebra 1 specifically, the sophomores seem to be a lot more comfortable with the people who are in the same age group as them. Probably because they know they’re the older ones taking the class and so they might feel like they’re behind,” Anna Stevenson, math teacher, said.

Stevenson elaborated on the fact that mixed classes should not be a negative thing for teachers or students.

“I have only been teaching for two years and I’ve only seen math, so I’m sure there’s lots of different contexts where it could be positive or negative. In my classes, it seems kind of neutral. It doesn’t seem to negatively affect students, unless they let it. It’s not something I try to make a big deal out of,” Stevenson stated.

Overall, students and teachers either have a positive or neutral opinion about mixed classes.