Bronco Life: Sept. 28-Oct. 7

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  • On Oct. 3, Lucy Funkhouser, 11, shapes her metal and strikes a spark during her manufacturing and engineering class.

  • On Oct. 3, Zack Spiegelhalter, 11, cuts wood to work on his woodwork project during Andrew Shockley’s manufacturing and engineering class.

  • On Oct. 5, Ava Crabtree, 10, carves out details of her ceramics 2 project.

  • On Sept. 28, the Dazzlers dance team stretches before their dance rehearsal.

  • On Oct. 3, Leah Good assists a student in her fourth hour culinary arts class.

  • On Oct. 3, David Londene assists his students in his fifth hour drafting/CAD class.

  • On Oct. 4, Terrence Randall, 10, prepares to receive a pass from Caleb Breuckner, 12, at a varsity boys soccer game at Louisburg.

  • On Oct. 5, Killian Zimmerman, 12, jumps for a volleyball in Jamie Oshel’s team sports class.

  • On Oct. 5, the freshman girls volleyball team serves the ball at a home game.

  • On Oct. 7, the cheerleading team cheers at a home football game.

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