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Promising Prom Outfits – A Review

This was a sneak peak of the inside of a dance circle at prom. With the theme being Hollywood this year, there was gorgeous outfits and people dressed to impress. (photo by C. Kice)

With prom being a time of fancy outfits and me being an opinionated person, I asked people (via Snapchat and Instagram) if they would be willing to submit their outfits for judging. As a disclaimer, I am not judging how people look in their outfits (aka how their body looks), I’m going strictly off of color, shape, style, and how unique it is. With that being said, I will take all of those into consideration and rate each outfit out of 10. 

To start off, we have Kallie Rodden, 11, and Logan Alexander, 11. Rodden seems to be wearing a black, textured dress with a slit on one side. After looking at other pictures, it has a corset-like top with a v-neck, and the v-neck has a scalloped edge. I’ve been loving all of the mock corset tops in dresses this year, I think it makes the dress look more interesting. The only issue is that

Rodden and Alexander take some photos at the arboretum before heading to prom. This photo was what I mainly based my rating off of. (photo submitted by K. Rodden)

since the dress is black, a lot of the gorgeous texture in the dress is lost in the color and can only be seen if you zoom in or are up close. 

Along with the dress, Rodden has some accessories that go along with their look. They have royal blue heels, heart sunglasses, and a boa. It’s not shown in this picture but Rodden also had a silver necklace with a blue stone in the middle. I think having your

accessories being the statement in a prom look is such a fun idea, especially if your dress is black. In my opinion it’s a fun way to spice up what could be a simple dress. Overall, I give Roddens look alone a 9 out of 10, its only downsides being the issues with the texture and color mentioned before. 

Alexander’s outfit was a white dress shirt with a royal blue vest and tie; along with a black jacket and dress pants. First, I really like how it’s not just the tie that is the color matching with the date, but also the vest. And with that, I think the color of blue between Rodden and Alexander is spot on. A lot of times you see the guys ties not quite matching with the dress or vise-versa, and overall it just looks a little off, but I don’t think that’s the case with these two.

Additionally, I love the colored shoes, it spices up the outfit perfectly. I feel like that’s been a popular pick this prom season ,and it’s one that I’ve been loving. I think it helps add a little bit of something to mens’ outfits, which are honestly usually lacking. I think something that could make this outfit better would maybe be an all black base, meaning losing the white dress shirt in exchange for a black one. I think it would make it look sleeker overall. This look alone I’m going to give a solid 8.5 out of 10, but judging both together, I’ll give them a 9.5. This was one of the most soli

On the left is Howell’s mom with their date at Lansing High Schools Prom in 1997. On the right is Howell and their date Max Pacheco, 12. (photo submitted by K. Howell)

d couple looks I saw this prom season. 

Finally, I’m going to be rating Kailey Howell’s, 10, prom dress. Howell wore their mom’s prom dress from 1997, as seen in the side by side picture. The dress seems to be a black and white color blocked satin, with a v-neck and doesn’t appear to have a slit in it. It also has spaghetti straps with a silver detailing. I really like the fact that they wore their mom’s prom dress and I think it’s a sweet tribute in a sense and I love the silver charm detail on the straps. Overall, I like the dress, I think it looks very elegant, but it’s

almost too simple. In my opinion, prom dresses should almost be a little too extravagant, I feel like it adds to the occasion. That doesn’t mean simple prom dresses are bad either, it just isn’t my personal taste. I give this look a 7 out of 10, mainly just because of the simplicity of it all. 

Those were my reviews of these prom outfits! Overall, they were all good outfits, each having their shining moments. What did you think of this year’s prom outfits? 

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