Veteran Saves Lives During Shooting

Marissa Winkel, Copy Editor, Website Manager

In Colorado Springs Saturday night, a tragedy took place. Located at Club Q, “a well-known gathering place for the LGBTQ community”, was a fatal shooting that resulted in at least five people being killed. Army veteran Rich Fierro–who had been attending this nightclub with his daughter Kassy, Kassy’s boyfriend, Raymond Green Vance, and others–discovered the bullets being fired close by.

Fierro, having prior experience handling violence, immediately moved to disarm this shooter. The shooter was a 22-year-old man who had several firearms with him including a semiautomatic rifle. While over 20 people were injured that night, Fierro potentially saved so many more lives from being taken. However, Vance was one of whom was fatally shot in which Fierro had emotionally “recalled Raymond smiling and dancing before the shots rang out” as AP News reported outside of his home.