Bronco Assistance’s Effect On Students

A students computer shows how the new online passes appear (photo by A. Rushing).

A students computer shows how the new online passes appear (photo by A. Rushing).

Ava Rushing, Staff Writer

During the school day, many students can get overwhelmed with the amount of work they get assigned. To combat this, students have Bronco Assistance during advisory on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At this time, students can seek help from teachers, get missing assignments turned in, have down time, or go to the library. 

“I think that [Bronco Assistance] is very beneficial for students who just need a break from their classes or if they need to get help [because] they missed a day and they need to retake a quiz or test,” Ethan Knust, 11, said. 

Bronco Assistance is especially accommodating for students like Knust who participate in extracurriculars and don’t have enough time to get work completed. However, the downside is that it’s only 20 minutes long. While some time is better than none, students feel like they aren’t given enough time to catch up on what they need. 

“I feel like it should be longer, there’s just not enough time to do that much homework,”  Kasi Tune, 10, said. 

Students are welcome to go to the library, gym, another classroom, or stay in their advisory class. When in the library, students are asked to remain silent so as the library can remain a quiet place to study and rest.

“I get a lot done, any late assignments I have I get done. Any projects that are coming up I get done. A lot of stuff for theater I get done … I feel like we should have Bronco Assistance every day,” Knust said. 

Many other students and teachers feel that Bronco Assistance should be a daily occurrence. While the high school does have the library serve as a PLC testing center on Wednesdays, it still fails to satisfy the need for more time for completion. Rebecca Fawcett, school librarian, thinks Bronco Assistance is just a watered down version of the school’s previous system, Bronco hour. While it is great that students have time to get caught up, they just don’t have enough of it.