Mauna Loa starts to erupt, Hawaii prepares for emergency

Remi White, Bronco EiC

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano started to erupt for the first time in almost forty years, sending ash and debris to the nearby area late Sunday night. The U.S. Geological Survey said the lava flows were contained within the summit early Monday morning. However, images indicating lava activity outside of the caldera have surfaced on social media. Parts of the Big Island are under an ashfall advisory, as the National Weather Service in Honolulu predicts up to a quarter of an inch of ash to accumulate in certain areas.

With uncertainty surrounding the lava flows, the USGS warns those at risk to review their eruption preparations, and the civil defense agency said it has opened shelters in Kailua-Kona and Pahala. This event brings heed to the natural disasters and weather phenomena that commonly occur all around the world. In Kansas, city governments are prepared for tornadoes, while in Hawaii, cities have preparations for floods and volcanoes. These disasters differ across the globe, but preparation in case of emergency is necessary everywhere.