Bronco Life: Nov. 15-30

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  • On Nov. 15, Aubrey Meder, 9, dribbles the ball at basketball practice.

  • On Nov. 15, Jaleigh White, 10, runs a new drill by coach Paige Husa during basketball tryouts.

  • On Nov. 22, the boys basketball team huddles together before practice.

  • On Nov. 22, Cooper D’Albini, 11, helps Jayvion Fitzgerald, 11, make a slam dunk in Oshel’s team sports class.

  • On Nov. 17, Duyen Phan, 11, takes photos during the volunteer class’ Literacy KC trip.

  • On Nov. 30, the dance team practices one of their poses in a song.

  • On Nov. 29, Allie Albright, 9, plays a review game in Kelsea Stueve’s fourth hour Spanish class.

  • On Nov. 21, Gracie Oppeau, 11, works with her partner Hunter Van Fleet, 11, to complete an assignment during AP Lang.

  • On Nov. 29, Trigg Smith, 10, and Mason Willis, 10, socialize during bronco assistance in the concourse.

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