Seasonal Saviors


Kaleigh Guthrie, 11, and Kairi Quinn, 11, work together on study material.

With finals approaching, many students have been caught up in panic due to the dependence of their grade. Some students handle this with nonchalance, where others are redoing assignments, tests, and taking any studying tool or extra credit they can get their hands on.

“Do everything that is given to you no matter what, so you know what you are doing and sometimes they’ll even give you extra credit for it. If you are still having questions you can go talk to your teacher and a lot of the time, they’ll give you an extra practice question or something,” Jake Page, 12, said.

Many students dread studying for certain classes. It is often hard for students to find the motivation, especially after a long day at school that can be followed by extracurriculars, sports, or jobs. It’s important for students to learn to manage their schedules and, sometimes, learn how to cram. 

“I do all my homework really quickly, and senior year a lot of my classes give me work days so I do a lot of my homework then. Also I will do it if I have any free time or time outside of school. I will try to study for an hour for each class that I need to but nothing ridiculous because I still need my free time,” Page said.

Though it makes it easy to have time during class, sometimes students are overwhelmed with work, or their teachers end up having to use the entire class period.

“I usually study at like 9 p.m. the night before the quiz because during the week I won’t be as motivated,” Gianna Cowsert, 10 said.

Along with finals, comes seasonal depression for a lot of students. Some students choose to depend on their family and friends. For others, studying helps to make them feel more comfortable going into finals.

“I just try and realize that I have to do it or I will get more stressed out and less happy with my friends so I try to talk to my friends and stuff like that to keep myself going,” Cowsert said.