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Knitting Up A New Club

Recently, a brand new club for knitting and crocheting opened up in the high school. The club was designed as an opportunity for students to either learn the basics of knitting and crochet, or have some free time independently to do such if they have past knowledge. Alison Moore is the host of the club and she plans to teach and supervise the topics.

“I was approached by some students who knew that I also crocheted, and they showed an interest in it. I told them the process was that they needed a teacher sponsor and that I’d be willing to do that if they wanted to put the club together,” Moore, knitting club sponsor, said.

They opened up the club for any student interested in participating in its activities.

“I think that it’s a great way to learn to produce something with your hands, whether it’s crochet, knitting, or embroidery. Crafting is a way to see a project start to finish and gives a lot of satisfaction there to have made something. I think that it’s something that our students can benefit from as far as just trying something new in a safe and happy environment. They can have a look at some of the things that they can make and then maybe perhaps be able to do that for their families,” Moore said.

The club originally planned to be only a more supervised time to work on any knitting or crochet projects students wanted to do, but the students showed up willing to learn the basics of knitting. 

“I had planned on taking a more supervisory role, but it seems that I will be taking on a more teaching role as far as showing students new to crochet how to get started. I kind of expected the student sponsors to be able to teach, but they are more comfortable with me teaching.” 

The first meet took place a couple weeks ago to start up the club and get everything running. 

“We had two students show up to join, and they were the two students that were helping to start up the club. However, I did have several students in and out of my class to pick up a supply list, so I anticipate that the next time we meet we’ll have more students. We are looking at a group project, something we can produce mini products from and just teach that pattern.” 

The club has become both a place to learn knitting and crochet as well as a way to complete projects independently, and handfuls of students will be granted in learning the basics of knitting throughout their future meets.

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