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Starting Fresh

Opening Logo for the BA Coaches Show, created by an outside source. Aude produced his first episode on April 14, 2024 starting with how the podcast will run in the future (Photo by B. Aude).

During the coming weeks of April 14, Ben Aude, football coach, has decided to start fresh with a new podcast called the “BA Coaches Show.” Aude said that his new podcast will mainly focus on sports, while also having many other segments in their episodes, allowing their viewers questions to be heard and talked about.

“Square one, I would say, is figuring out what you’re going to talk about and what your podcast is going to be about. There are a lot of podcasts out there in the world [and it’s hard if you don’t have a specific topic]. So if you just go in there with having zero direction of just talking about whatever [it won’t end well]. I started a podcast when I was 17 years old and I just talked about anything. I talked about sports, I talked about mental health struggles, I talked about just life stuff which is fine, but having all of that combined [made it] hard to get a consistent audience,” Aude said.

When starting from square one of building up a project, there may be some challenges that stand in the way.

“I would say another one of the challenges is figuring out ‘How can I make this the best product possible?’ while also being able to put out consistent content because in today’s digital day and age, getting [consistent content] out there is very important,” Aude said.

With battling the new project of their podcast, the future holds a lot of improvement; not just evolving the topics, but having a broader audience. 

“I have already reached out to a whole bunch of [coaches], and I have a few of them I am recording with this week that I can put out in the next couple weeks. Just being able to expand and connect with people and coaches from literally all over the United States [inviting guest speakers and coaches from all over the United States.] I’m obviously a big football guy, but …the guy I have on [the podcast] this week is a soccer coach. I’m talking to a couple basketball coaches, just people that are into strength and conditioning and weight room stuff. Being able to get a lot of those different perspectives out there is my goal.” 

Aude prepares to upload episodes weekly on the majority of streaming platforms. Their podcast can be found on Spotify, Youtube, and other streaming services. They also release clips throughout the week on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, leading up to the new episode release days.





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