Gracey Cowden
Hey! My name is Gracey and I am a senior. This is my third year in SPUB, and I am a staff writer for this school year. I joined because I have always loved to write, so being able to write about things that are actually happening here at Spring Hill High School is so exciting to me! The only other thing I do here at the high school is play soccer. I started to play soccer when I was four and loved it ever since! A fun fact about me is that I was homeschooled my whole life up until my freshman year. I love Italian food and dancing with friends. When I am not sleeping I tend to find myself watching some of my favorite movies and shows, like The Maze Runner series and Gilmore Girls. I live on 10 acres of land with my parents, three siblings, two dogs, six cats, and five ducks; and I love every single one of them! Now you know a little bit about me; hope you enjoyed!

Gracey Cowden, Staff Writer

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Gracey Cowden