The Trends of Today

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The Trends of Today

James Barnett

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Got your attention? Good.

Everyone loves a good meme. More importantly, everyone loves a trend that is taking the media by storm. Whether it be the horrendous dances from the popular video game Fortnite, or running out of your moving car to sing along to a popular rap song, things that are easy and fun to do tend to get the most notice in social media. The future is now, old man, and memes seem to find their ways into all of today’s trends. Even in this article! One trend that was popular over the summer was the rise of “T-Posing”. T-Posing is when a person stands upright and rigid, and extends both arms outwards in the shape of the letter ‘T’. One might do this in the park, in the bathrooms, at a party, or maybe just to display dominance amongst their friends. According to Dominick Cortez, expert meme interpreter and senior at the school, T-Posing comes from video games.

“When video games are made, they put the models of the characters in this pose so they can do anything with the character,” he said.

Cortez said that people who do it in the real world do it because, “It looks funny.”

Other trends can also impact society by the way of social media, and it isn’t as healthy as T-Posing. Vaping has become a recent trend and according to Anthony Ingram, 12, a past vaper but now one year sober, shares his vaping insights.

“Vaping is just stupid and I don’t know why I did it,” states Ingram. However, vaping will still remain relevant so long as people keep buying the pods and sticks.

With time, all trends fade away, and it will be interesting to see how we as a generation describe some of these crazy trends to the future generation of kids.

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