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Eyes on the Fries

McDonald’s french fries are a common snack for the road or can fulfill a sudden craving. McDonald’s has been selling fries since 1955 (Photo by PatrickRich).

French fries are a common menu item in any fast food restaurant. When comparing fries it is up to personal preference and can be highly controversial. Shape, seasoning, and execution all play their part in how good a fry is. Personally, the shape and the seasonings are factors that can make a fry stand out.

My most consumed brands when eating fries are Freddy’s, McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Zaxby’s in no particular order.

The worst of the four I would have to say is Zaxby’s. In no way would I say that Zaxby’s fries are bad, however I prefer them less than the others. I’m not a huge fan of crinkle cut fries and I think they are too big.

The third would be McDonald’s. McDonald’s has, objectively, the worst fries of the four. However, there is something about them that makes me crave them. Despite this, nothing about them makes it stand out.

Second place would belong to Chick-Fil-A. These fries are popular for their fun shape and delicious flavor. I love the waffle fry shape, but I am less fond of the taste. I find that the taste of them is nothing special.

In first place, last but not least, Freddy’s. The shape, size, and flavor is perfect. Though, this is not what makes them my favorite. Freddy’s fries are consistent with their quality. I know what I’m getting every time I order them.

There are strengths and weaknesses of each, and at the end of the day, those factors determine which reigns supreme in my own french fry competition. However, these same factors can result in a different ordering depending on the person. My personal recommendation is Freddy’s, every time.


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Kathlyn Tran, Copy Editor
Hi! This is my second year of SPUB and I’m excited to be on staff again. In my first year I’ve gained experience in writing, designing, and photographing. I hope to improve my skills in all of the things I listed previously. I think journalism, especially student journalism, informs people and gives them a voice. I’m excited to see how the yearbook will turnout this year and what I get to write about this year. Other than SPUB and school I enjoy reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family.

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