Marching Band Prepares for Battle


Logan Trask, Staff Writer

The theme this year, Cirque Du Soleil: Ka, is one of the most ambitious and best looking marching shows in years. The whole show comes together to tell an overall great story, with the final movement, the most difficult section overall, actually having a staged battle. However, before anything can come together, the show must be chosen and approved by Dan Wooge, band director. Every year the process starts with Wooge and many other band leaders looking online for shows that might fit the band. 

On the subject of the theme, Wooge said, “I take suggestions from people,; we have a number of kids that browse the internet looking for ideas. I have about 5five sites I look at. I narrow it down, then let leadership give me their input.”

Many look forward to the new show every year, especially band students. It’sIt is a time for new challenges and the power to overcome difficult marching techniques. 

One of the drum majors, Alex Claerhout, 11, commented, “[This show is] one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, and is a challenging thing for the drum majors since we’ve never done co-head directors.”

Though this time could be a challenging one for everyone in the band, it’s also a very exciting time. When it comes to excitement, Claerhout might be on top! 

 “We have an incredible band this year and I feel most of us are really into the show and want to do great,” said Claerhout, “My favorite aspect of the show is just the power and emotion in the music, and when we’ve understood where to march and can focus on sound more, it really feels like a masterpiece. We’re gonna win this year.”

The Spring Hill High School band performs at Emporia State University on October 2nd and Baker University on October 9th. They hope to take first again at Emporia, with a one rating, and finally overtaking De SSoto at Baker for first place!