Chiefs beat the Texans after slow start


Running Back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Damion Williams, 26, runs the ball into the end zone. Williams is being held back by Justin Reid, 20, Texans safety. (Photo curtesy of AP Photo and Jeff Roberson)

On Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs played the Houston Texans on their way to possibly getting to the Super Bowl. The first quarter started out rough for the Chiefs, allowing the Texans to take a 21-0 lead. However, the tables started to turn even though the Texans went up 24-0. Then, the Chiefs made a comeback with four touchdowns in the second quarter alone. This explosiveness continued into the second half in which the Chiefs scored 41 points in less than two full quarters of the game. By the time the game had ended that Chiefs had obviously won 51-31.  Everyone who was a Chiefs fan was pleasantly surprised at the Chiefs amazing comeback and feel more confident that the Chiefs will continue on to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs win ensures that they will move on which means a chance at the Super Bowl. This means a lot to Chiefs fans because it hasn’t happened in such a long time. Last year the Chiefs almost got to the Super Bowl last year but lost to the Patriots. However, this year is looking much more promising for the Chiefs and their fans.