Board Brief: Jan. 13 Meeting


On Jan. 13, the school board had their first meeting of the year, Dough Updike, Brent Hoffman Ali Seeling were all sworn in as either new or reelected members of the board. Mr. Updike and Jason Winbolt were then elected by the board to be president and vice president of the board receptively (Photo by HSmith).

Hannah Smith, Editor in Chief

Spring Hill’s board of education met on Jan. 13 for their first meeting of the semester. They started the meeting by swearing in the new and reelected members, Brent Hoffmen, Nels Anderson, who was absent, Doug Updike and Ali Seeling. They then elected their new president and Vice President Updike and Jason Windbolt respectively. The board then started by hearing from the Spring Hill FFA who won a trip to Georgia for placing ninth out of 45 teams at national convention. Alyssa Sharron, Morgan Winbolt, Adam King and Cierra Arnold as well as their advisor Alicia Hampton all came to the board to ask for permission. They were not asking for any money the trip is fully paid for by the National Convention and Kansas FFA except for $50 or so dollars that the students will pay. The board was then asked to vote on it directly after the discussion due to the late notice of the trip. The board  also approved the date of Jan. 25 for the Board Retreat where the members will discuss goals and strategic plans, but no action will be taken there. After voting yes on both of their action items they moved on to discuss the rest of the discussion item on the agenda that night. They started by hearing about the lawsuit against from an attorney with the group filing the lawsuit. The board decided to bring this item back as an action item. Next the board listened to a presentation given by Gary Howard, High School athletic director, about fundraising at the high school and the logistics behind it. He is making four recommendations to the school board. Firstly, that all coaches or sponsors will have to fill out a form for approval before running a fundraiser. That all the funds be held in School Student Activity Account. That the process for depositing and retrieving activity fund be the following: “Coach [or] Sponsors will give the bookkeeper the money to be deposited. For purchases coaches [or] sponsors will provide the bookkeeper with a quote or invoice. All purchases will be reviewed by the administration prior to issuing payment. Monthly statements will be checked by administration.” Finally, that the school be moved to four year uniform rotation developed by the activity director, Gary Howard, who has done this for other school districts in the past. The board then discussed renewal Grace Church of Overland Park use of Prairie Creek for Sunday services. They are also changing the agreement to charge the church for any extra snow removal. This will be brought back as an action item. The board then heard a bond construction report given by Tim Meek. Mr. Winbolt then started an informal discussion about building a recreation center for the community on district property. The board then went into executive session.

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