Virus in China Spreads outside of Wuhan


In a train station in Wuhan, the origin of a new viral illness, workers spray disinfectant. All outgoing trains and flights have been cancelled to help stop the spread of the virus (Photo curtesy of (Chinatopix via AP).

Sarah McCoy, Staff Writer

Chinese authorities have confirmed a death outside of the origin of where this rapidly spreading virus began. China’s National Health Commission said the amount of cases of this new virus has risen to 830, with 25 deaths. In Hebei, a province that borders Beijing, the health officials confirmed the death of an eighty year old man who had exhibited symptoms after a journey to Wuhan, the origin of the outbreak, for a stay with family. In Wuhan outgoing trains and flights have been shutdown in an effort to control it.

The confirmation of a death outside of the original place it all began just reassures the need to screen for symptoms for those traveling near the place of origin. There still hasn’t been a definite answer as to what this virus truly is. All health officials are working hard to find a way to stop the spread of the virus, and countries have set up screening processes to prevent further spread of this virus.