Flashback to First Semester: Spanish Classes

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  • In his second hour Spanish 1 class, Cater Blann, 9, restarts his Macbook to join the class in a game of Quizlet Live. Kelsea Stueve, spanish teacher, spanish classes use Quizlet live and other online games such as Gimkit to study for quizzes and tests (Photo by L. Duran).

  • On Sept. 19, Aubrianna Shetlar, 10, studies before her spanish test with a class game of Quizlet Live. In this game students are put in teams with set words or phrases to match with the question that pops up (Photo by L. Duran).

  • During her Spanish 2 class, Kelsea Stueve, spanish teacher, goes over that days bellwork. The bellwork a review of their vocabulary before the test (Photo by A. Frigon).

  • On Oct. 3, Ciara Arnold,11, finishes her spanish worksheet. The class prepares to take a test later that hour (Photo by A. Frigon).

  • Students in Kelsea Stueve’s, spanish teacher, Spanish 2 class listen while Stueve reviews content. The class is preparing for a test over their vocab (Photo by A. Frigon).

  • In Kelsea Stueve, spanish teacher, fourth hour spanish 2 class, Kai Stratton works on an assignment on Oct. 3. The class is going over their new vocabulary for the week (Photo by A. Frigon).

  • On Oct. 3, Kelsea Stueve, spanish teacher, helps Alivia Bates, 10, with her assignment. This is Stueve’s first year teaching at Spring Hill (Photo by A. Frigon).

  • On Dec. 11, Ciara Arnold, 11, works on her spanish 2 assignment. With a few weeks left until finals the class makes sure to understand the content (Photo by A. Gaines).

  • During the spanish 2 class on Dec. 11, students work on the bellwork and other assignments. Students started the day with bellwork and prepared for finals (Photo by A. Gaines).

  • Students in Kelsea Stueve, spanish teacher, spanish 2 class review for their test. These students start off their class with the daily bellwork (Photo by A. Frigon).

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