Sports Update: Football and Volleyball


Varsity football boys get ready to run onto the field and play against the Bonner Springs Braves. Zach Knowlton, 11, and Chase Wilm, 12, were in the front with the brotherhood flag and hammer (photo credit A. Davis).

Grace Bull, Staff Writer

The fall season may be coming to an end, but volleyball and football aren’t done yet.

The football season has been very different with COVID-19 but the team still gets to play.

“This year is completely different than last year, but it’s tolerable because I still get to play ball,” Cody Powell, 12, said. 

These boys are expecting a great end to their season. Even with the setbacks of missing a few games because of positive COVID tests and having to quarantine a significant number of players, the boys are doing all they can to be successful for the rest of the season.

“I wish we didn’t have to miss the few games that we did, but we got better in that time. I expect us to keep getting better and keep our season going as long as we can.” Draven Pipkin, 10, said.

COVID-19 has affected their season. The coaches are doing everything they can to continue the season and let the boys play as long as they can. This is even more important for the seniors.

“They want us to follow the COVID rules at all costs because the season is always on the line, I respect that. They’re making sure my senior season is the best they can make it.” Powell stated.

The volleyball season has also been very different with COVID but the team is happy they get to continue to play. 

“Not being able to to see everyone has caused our team to not have the rhythm we used to have.” Daphne Gardner, 10, said.

COVID-19 also affected their team.

“I wish we didn’t have to quarantine, it takes away time from our season and we can’t get better.” Gardner said.

Overall all the athletes are happy they get to play and appreciate all their coaches letting them do what they love.

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