Extra Credit Boosts Grades


On Oct. 28, students in Melissa Reinhart, science teacher’s, Chemistry class viewed a demonstration. If students had trouble understanding this concept, they may be able to get an extra credit assignment to boost a bad grade (photo credit A. Shetlar).

Lily Haney, Staff Writer

Something that teachers can offer to help boost students’ grades is extra credit. Extra credit is extra points that go in the grade book and may help improve your grade. It is not required to do the extra credit, but many students believe that it is best to do it when given the chance.

“Yes [I do all the extra credit that is offered]. If you don’t you’re an idiot. Extra credit helps a lot and can bring your grade up. The extra credit is worth enough,” Delaney Hill, 10, said.

Teachers are not required to give out extra credit. Some teachers give very little and in some cases none at all.

“I usually only have one or two extra credit opportunities throughout the year. I usually only offer one thing per semester. I’m not a huge believer in extra credit because I think extra credit should help increase a student’s learning past what they have already learned. If you’re trying to get extra points for something you didn’t learn earlier, I don’t think you have that base knowledge to build that extra on top of,” Matthew Lundy, science teacher, said.

Other teachers will offer extra credit randomly throughout the year, but it can add up to being a lot. Some are changing the amount they offer due to COVID and the bumps it has caused.

“Any other year, [I offer] darn near close to zero. This year, I think so far I’ve offered one to two things that were intentionally review math versus current content math. Right now, it’s 100% a motivation factor. Me as an individual, I in the past have never offered extra credit, but I feel like right now, if kids are willing to do the initial work that it’s okay to reward the motivation,” Stephanie Hojnacki, math teacher, said.

Extra credit points aren’t the same as a grade that would normally go into the grade book. You receive all the points you earn out of zero.

“The points are different from getting a grade. You don’t have to worry about getting a 90%, you get all the points not matter what. Those points can help push your grade higher,” Jacob Page, 10, said.

While some teachers may not like offering extra credit, students are grateful for the opportunity to raise their grades. Though it can be a lot of extra work, it can improve your grade no matter what.

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