Beating the Cheating

Ava Crabtree, 10, and Gianna Cowsert, 10, demonstrate what it looks like to cheat on a test (photo illustration by B. Pierson).

Ava Crabtree, 10, and Gianna Cowsert, 10, demonstrate what it looks like to cheat on a test (photo illustration by B. Pierson).

Cheating is one of the largest concerns among school districts. School districts have attempted to resolve this issue by giving punishments including being handed a zero on the assignment, a DR, or in worst cases, suspended. 

Even though these punishments are pretty substantial, students also lose something greater that has more importance to the teacher.

“The consequences for the student individually is [the lowering of] their grade because they were too lazy to take time to do the assignment correctly. But they are also not learning the content, which more than likely shows up on tests in the long run,” Hailey Bachura, history teacher, said.

Teachers have also been given resources in which some can even change their styles of teaching. Though this can be a good way for cheating to decline, some teachers have found their own ways.

“I wouldn’t say I adjusted anything, it’s more that I am aware of when students are friends with one another, if they turn things in around the same time. Typically students who cheat will cheat off of their friends or peers that they’re close with,” Bachura said.

Reasons for cheating can come differently for every student, but the situations are typically the same.

“I think students cheat because they feel they’re not prepared with the material they tested or quizzed over. They don’t want to get a bad grade,” Adelyn Bauer, 10, said.

Studying for these tests and quizzes can be hard for some. Though students get all the resources they need, it can be difficult for them to fully process the information and use it in a form of studying.

“Let us use open notes because in the real world you’re not gonna not be able to use Google in any instance. It would be better if I got to use my own notes and actually understand it,” Bauer said.

All students have to find their most effective form of studying and it can differentiate between each student. It’s all about finding the help and to use the resources you have to be successful.

“My dad is really good about helping me study before tests because he asks what I need help with. And just having someone to go over stuff with you or even just do stuff and look over before you go into it, it’ll make you feel 100 times more confident,” Bauer added.

Although cheating can be an easy route, it is recommended that students still put in the time to study and to actually process what’s being taught. However, in situations where it might be necessary, many students desire that teachers also look at the student point of view and make some changes if curriculum allows.