Advisory: Planning With a Purpose


Brett Gearhart’s Advisory class works on independent projects. Advisory is a time for students to do what they need to do (photo credit T. Dent).

Olivia Leblanc, Graphics Manager

Advisory classes have been used as homeroom classes for a while, but their actual purpose isn’t just working on homework. Many people don’t see a clear explanation for what advisory class is actually proposed for. 

“I think the goal of advisory is to help students plan their future using Xello, figure out future schedules, and help keep students’ grades in check. I also believe that it is used as a class for students to be comfortable in and interact with their classmates,” said London Hanson, 10.

Turns out advisory is a time for “Individual Plan of Study,” a class hour made for planning and arranging time to adjust grades or ask questions about material. It is not necessarily a time to work on homework or talk to classmates.

“Advisory for me is [a time] to build a good relationship with freshmen so they can come to me with any problems. Also to check on student lives, checking grades, student extended learning like videos on suicide prevention or college visits, Xello, and a homework day,” said Brad Reinking, ceramics and graphic design teacher.

In other words, advisory teachers are taking the place of counselors in the aspect of helping students plan for the future. After all, the counselors can’t come help every single student with plans everyday, so advisory is a way to step in and help contribute.

“I overlook  what they’re supposed to do, and I make sure they’re working. Some students, I don’t know what to do because they won’t work.  Truly, I want to be a friend and not just telling them to work on school things,” said Reinking.

No matter what the true intentions behind advisory, students still find teachers helpful during this time. Teachers taking time to help students plan and figure out decisions through Xello are helpful even though the timing can seem stressful or tense, due to students prioritizing homework and late work rather than doing assignments on Xello to figure out their work traits and strong suits.

“I think it’s helpful. I feel like it’s a time to have some sort of relationship with who is in the class but also with the teacher. I think it’s a good time to kind of let loose from the day from all the work. It’s a time to relax and destress,” said Marissa Winkle, 10.