Broncos Kick Off Season


On Sept. 10, the varsity bronco football team competed against the Paola Panthers (Photo by A. Shetlar).

Abigail Gholston, Staff Writer

On Friday, Sept. 3, the Broncos had their first football game of the season against the Louisburg Wildcats. It was a great kickoff to the season with a win of 31-0. 

First year manager, Ryann McDaniel, 12, said, “The game went really well and it was fun.” Even with half of the players missing, McDaniel stated that the coaches said they weren’t nervous for the game, just excited to play again. The theme of the game, as organized by hype squad was “white-out.” 

Hype squad leader Hannah McCormick, 12, said, “Since it was the first game, we wanted something that was easier for everyone and simple.”

Because of COVID-19, last year the number of students that were allowed to come to games were restricted, but not this year. All students are allowed to attend games this year, and the crowds are bigger than ever.

“I thought a good amount of people showed up, but of course we would love to see more people,” said McCormick. This first game was a great kickoff to the season and hopefully the Broncos stay undefeated.