Hurricane Fiona Approaches Bermuda


Hurricane Fiona leaves many homes washed into the mud (photo courtesy AP News).

Shelby Hatcher, Staff Writer

In Caguas, Puerto Rico, hurricane Fiona hit hard and ruined many people’s everyday lives. Bridges and roads have been ruined, which leaves these people stranded. It has now been four days, and authorities are still unable to get to anybody. The hurricane was a Category 1 when it first hit Caguas. It has since moved to a Category 4 and is headed to Bermuda, only being 455 miles away.

Many other Puerto Ricans are still left with no electricity service or water. They do have a natural water source nearby most of them. The federal government still hasn’t been able to give estimates from the damage due to the hurricane. The only known things are that there was around 30 inches of rain in most areas. The wind speeds of Hurricane Fiona were maxed at 130 mph in the morning on Thursday.