Dennis Tito Prepares for Second Trip to Space


Addie Bond, Staff Writer

Dennis Tito, age 82, is ready to take his second trip to space. The space tourist has already taken a short trip on the International Space Station. However, he is ready to take a weeklong journey where they will go around the moon in Elon Musk’s Starship. Dennis will also be accompanied by his wife, Akiko, and ten other people that are paying for this trip.

Tito is the second billionaire to schedule a reservation for the Starship flight around the moon. Tito has signed a contract with SpaceX in August 2021 that includes an option of a flight five years from now. One of his goals is to break the record for the oldest person in orbit. The current record is 77 years-old, and with Dennis being 82, he plans on achieving that.