Adidas Cuts Ties With Rapper Ye After Antisemitic Remarks


Adidas ended their partnership with Ye, otherwise known as Kanye West (photo courtesy AP News).

On Oct. 25, Adidas cut ties with artist Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, due to public disapproval of recent statements he has made. Over the last few months, Ye has made controversial and anti-semitic statements leading to many brands reviewing their partnerships with him. Adidas is expected to take a $246 million hit to their net income after the decision to stop the production of Yeezys. Adidas has contributed an estimated $1.5 billion of Ye’s net worth, and without the partnership it would fall to $400 million.

Adidas is not the first company to show their disapproval of Ye’s statements. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have suspended his accounts due to his upsetting posts. Adidas has supported Ye through other controversial statements the artist has made over the years. This has made consumers feel the decision to end their partnership with Ye was long overdue.