Powerball prize rises to 1.5 billion, 3rd largest in Powerball history


The Powerball Lottery draw of Nov. 2 was said to have not been won, prize is expected to keep rising (photo courtesy AP News).

On Nov. 2, the winning Powerball Lottery numbers were announced with a prize of $1.2 billion, but nobody in the U.S. was reported to have won. Now the prize has risen to $1.5 billion, making this year’s Powerball Lottery prize the third largest in U.S. history.

The 1.5 billion prize is only given to the winner who opts for an annuity, receiving the money over 29 years. If the winner decides to choose a full cash prize, which most Powerball winners do, they will receive only $745.9 million dollars, but all at once. While the odds of winning the Powerball Lottery are one in 292 million, people around the world are hoping to be the lucky $1.5 billion dollar winner.