Man Fakes His Own Death to Escape Rape Allegations

Hannah King, Staff Writer

After supposingly being abused in the foster care system, Nicholas Alahverdian faked his own death to avoid rape allegations. Alahverdian, 35, has recently spent a year in jail fighting extradition. He was arrested in Glasgow hospital last December while posing as Nicholas Rossi. Authorities found same fingerprints and tattoos from Alahverdian, blowing his cover. Alahverdian still stands with his testimony that he is Rossi and even went as far to say that he was tattooed while in a coma to resemble Alahverdian. Alahverdians former lawyer and foster family both stated that they doubted that he was actually dead in the first place, even after the obituary for Alahverdian was published.

Alahverdian will not be set free anytime soon and he will likely spend a while facing time in jail. Not only has he lied under oath, faked his own death, and accused police of tattooing him while he was in a coma, but he also has the remaining rape allegations.