Gunman Commits Suicide After Killing Three

(photo link in story)

(photo link in story)

Hannah King, Staff Writer

At Michigan State University a 43-year-old shot himself after killing three and injuring five. The gunman, Anthony McRae, took his shots in an academic hall along with the student union around 8:30 p.m. on Monday. It took investigators three hours to find McRae during the Universities lock down. When he was confronted, he shot himself. McRae had previous gun violations and was also previously put on probation in May of 2021 for possessing a gun without a permit.

As victims and peers gather to share their mourning, they have expressed fear in the future of school safety and public safety in general. Some feel as though gun laws should be more strict to be strengthened and have taken action. Others have focused on mourning their losses and gathering with families and friends. These moments will stick with the lives of people across the globe as they look for hope.


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