U.S. Mass Killings Raise in Numbers

(photo link in story)

(photo link in story)

Shelby Hatcher, Staff Writer

The pace of mass shootings in this year does not foretell a new record. In 2009, bloodshed slowed down and the year finished, there was a final count of 32 mass killings and 172 fatalities. Records have been set within the past decade. The data showed about 45 mass killings in 2019 and 230 people slain in tragedies in 2017.

The 2023 year begins to stand out more after it is compared with full-year totals since the data was collected. The U.S. recorded about 30 or fewer mass shootings in more than half of the years from the databases, this is showing that being at 19 of a third of a way through is nearly shocking.


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