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A Toast to Spring Hill

Ashlyn Watson, 12, Faye Dent, 12, and Caleb Brewer, 12, posing for prom pictures. Brewer and Dent are one of the many friends that Watson has made throughout the year (Photo by C. Bartek).

Everyone looks forward to their senior year of high school, and has expectations of what that might look like. Senior year is supposed to be the best year filled with Friday night lights, senior sunrise, homecoming, senior prom, and the last few months left with the friends you’ve made since elementary school. I had imagined that was going to be my reality in Plymouth Mich: to end where I first started. However, this was not my reality when I had moved back to my hometown, Olathe Kan. over the summer. 

My old high school never felt right, I never felt like I belonged. Although I made myself get involved in everything I could from Link Crew, sports, and clubs, the atmosphere never felt like it was my home. 

I knew when I got the opportunity to move back to where I grew up, the downside would be attending a new school- Spring Hill. Moving to a new school for senior year is everyone’s worst nightmare; trust me, I was not that thrilled. However, there was a little bit of hope in me that I could make this new school a new home. 

I did not anticipate falling in love with Spring Hill as much as I did, but the friendships I made played a huge part in that. It is hard for me to believe that in a span of a year, I met people that I can’t imagine my life today without.

When I was little, I could not wait for high school. I listened to “Fifteen” and “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift on repeat in middle school. I may not have dated a boy on the football team, or danced in my PJ’s every morning before school, but I made it my own. What better way to end my senior year than a toast to the best year of my high school career? 


Here’s to:

The best third hour class I could ever have. When I walked into SPUB on the first day of school, I was not prepared to find my love in writing. The English classes I had taken my whole life never got me interested in writing. It was only writing argumentative essays. I would not roll my eyes at writing the piece (can you take a guess at what my favorite types of stories are to write?). I had no prior experience in writing for an online news, or the yearbook, so thank you to the teacher that believed in me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Writing for the USD 230 Magazine was not something I had imagined I would do, but I ended up writing it with the best partner I could ask for. I got to learn new things, and narrow down what I wanted to do after high school from the various field trips. It was the influence and the empowerment of my teacher and the staff that helped me realize I wanted to pursue journalism in my future. 

To my best friends at SHHS (you know who you are) thank you for allowing me to be me. I don’t know how you all put up with me, but you somehow do. I’m going to miss wandering around the Oak Park Mall, and you all convincing me to not buy everything I see. Going to Texas Roadhouse, only to fill up on the rolls before our entrees come out. Making Trader Joe’s food reviews. Playing JackBox at my house, and being good sports when I would win (this is true; don’t underestimate me when it comes to JackBox). Each of you are amazing people, and don’t change yourselves for others–I admire that. You all will go far in life, and I am thrilled to see what you all do. Even though we are all going in different directions, I can’t wait for the endless texts in group chats to tell me to stop obsessing over boys.

Thank you to the boys (and girl) who welcomed me into Video Production where I could feel comfortable. I have met some of the most kind and caring people through the class. I am going to miss filming at my house, with everyone within a mile radius hearing us yelling at each other. The field trips we would take point-five photos and post on our instagram stories. A/V Club that ended up being the best part of my mornings every Thursday. Above all, I will miss seeing your faces everyday, because you guys made me feel on the first day of school that SHHS is the home i’ve been looking for.

With less than a month until I walk across the stage, I am nervous for what is to come. Yet, until May 18, I will be soaking in the last days of high school. Even though I never expected to be the new kid this year, I found my silver lining. Who knew that joining my school’s broadcasting class my junior year would lead me to attend the University of Kansas this fall to major in Journalism. 

As an eight year-old, I envisioned myself graduating alongside my childhood friends, but high school didn’t unfold as I had imagined a decade ago. Now as I enter a new era of my life, I plan to keep trying new things, learn who I am, and take in every moment. 



To all the days in between waiting for my teacher to grade my essays that made me rethink everything in my life,  

To the trucks that would park sideways taking up two parking spaces,

To all the late assignments in 2024, 

To the good, bad, and the ugly. 

SHHS, thank you. 

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About the Contributor
Ashlyn Watson
Ashlyn Watson, Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Ashlyn Watson and this is my first year in SPUB. Last year, I was a student reporter for the University of Michigan's gymnastics and basketball teams. Journalism matters to me because I love to share the voices of others through writing, photography and videography. I plan to major in Journalism and communications with a concentration in sports media next year at KU. When I am not at school, you can find me at KU recording various sports activities or filming short films with my friends. I am a huge Swiftie and I am excited to spend my senior year here at Spring hill!

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