100 Word Rant: Best School Lunch

Mattie Crabtree

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I think without a doubt french bread garlic pizza is the best school lunch First of all I wanna thank the genius who thought “Hey what if I combine the two best foods? Garlic bread and pizza?” little did they know they indisputably created the best lunch. There’s a reason they keep it lockup from us only to be seen once a month! It’s to good for even the school to handle. I know the next contender is the bosco sticks but let’s be honest it’s just bread and cheese, at least the pizza is bread, cheese, and garlic.

Burke Barnett, 9

Remember those glory days back in elementary school when your teacher would tell you what’s for lunch and you’d get excited? I remember when the school use to offer mac and cheese, I don’t know what’s so special about the mac and cheese we were served but it is by far the best lunch. Up until about 6 months ago we would very rarely be blessed with a mac and cheese day. Ever since I have been slowly waiting for the best school lunch to make an appearance, in which it still hasn’t. The best school lunch served was by far, without a doubt the mac and cheese.

Mattie Crabtree, 10

Bosco sticks are the best lunch because when i wake up in the morning and i think about how i get to eat bosco sticks for lunch, my day automatically gets 10x better. bosco sticks are not only the best lunch bosco sticks put huge smiles on the faces of almost all students at spring hill high school. Just one whiff of the amazing smell will have you drooling. They also come with delicious marinara sauce and a warm cookie. drinking some chocolate (or white) milk after downing two cheesy, warm bread sticks is and should be an obvious go to for anyone’s favorite lunch.

Shannon Stovall, 11

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