Volun(tearing) the boundaries Between Us All


As a get to know you the Vollenteer Class had a game day before the school year started. Here Jackson Rauenzahn, 12, Kyra Schmuhl, 11, Alec Hitchens, 12, and Natalia Moreno, 12, play a "Minute to Win it" game to get point and hopefully win. (Photo submitted by K.Rodden)

Sarah McCoy, Staff Writer

Volunteering is often referred to as stepping up to a call bigger than yourself, while giving time and effort into something or somebody that is lacking the attention and help that is truly needed. While volunteering is regarded as being a noble thing and extremely good-looking on resumes, it’s often overlooked by people trying to find things to put on resumes or looking for something to do. The importance of volunteering is seen as giving back, however, it’s often forgotten that volunteering helps those volunteers gain a better perspective and outlook.

 “[Volunteering] teaches students to think outside of the box, to think of others [rather than] themselves, gives them new perspectives on life in general and lets them see life from a different lens. Some of the struggles people go through, how lucky we are and how fortunate,” Kerri Rodden, volunteer club sponsor, said.

This new perspective allows students to be grateful and have a better grasp of the differences between people’s realities. Often, people overlook volunteering because they think businesses and colleges do not look for these things and would rather want the generic qualities that are placed on applications.

“Time is the most valuable thing you can give a person,” Alynna Mattox, 10, said about the importance of things you can give someone when you’re volunteering. 

Sometimes it’s a matter of having the time or motivation as well. 

“Volunteering is a great thing to do if you have the time, but it won’t be a good experience for either side if you’re straining yourself to be able to do it,” Brett Gearhart, special education teacher, said. 

Students and people in general with a lack of ability to volunteer should try and find time to do it where it won’t cause stress or issues. This typically means finding a way for it to be easily accessible.

The volunteer club is an outlet for students to volunteer and have these opportunities at their disposal. The sponsors for the volunteer club are Rodden and Emily Redeker, newest volunteer club sponsor. The next volunteer opportunity will be in Kansas City Community Kitchen downtown where volunteers will serve meals to the impoverished and homeless people from the Kansas City community. 

Volunteering isn’t just helpful for an application, but it’s also helpful to everyone involved. “Everyone should volunteer because it is fun and it feels really good to give back, and help those who may be less fortunate than we are. It’s worth the time,” Mattox said. 

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