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Students lift weights during Tucker Woofter’s fourth hour class. Working out is a common part of a teen’s daily routine. (Photo by H. Evans)

Routines are a sequence of actions that are regularly followed. From an eight-month-old to an 80-year-old, everyone has some sort of routine that they follow daily. It may not be a perfected routine, but it impacts their day to day life. 

Teens are prone to busy lives that consist of a variety of things depending on the individual. 

“Especially when you are not only managing school, but work and sports, if you don’t have a routine you are going to lose sight of the things that you have to get done and then you’re not going to get it done,” Kailey Howell, 10, said.

Michael Mader, 10, completes daily work in Luke Zuroske’s geometry class. Creating a balanced and structured routine can help students become more successful (Photo by S. Hatcher).

According to the Queensland Government, during teenage years the part of the brain that drives emotion develops quicker than the part that controls impulses. Structure is incredibly important because teenagers are more inclined to risky and inconsistent behavior. This means that having routines can support teens in times of uncertainty. 

“No matter what, even if it was a bad day, you have something reliant to depend on,” Aiden Hampton, 10, said. 

Between the chaos of activities and events within teen lives, consistency is key. 

“The most important part of my routine is that I do it. As long as I do it and keep constant with everything that I am doing, it helps me feel confident in myself and confident in my day and that I am going to have a good day. When I go to bed it makes me excited for the next day,” Howell said. 

Routines differ from person to person and are formed according to the needs of that specific individual. Finding what works for you can positively change the way you feel.  

“[My morning routine] gets me ready for the day. I looked prepared and I feel prepared. Self-care, eating food, and doing things that make you feel good and happy are the most important parts of a routine,” Addison Clooney, 10, said.

According to Charles Stone, routines can lead to several benefits. Implementing routines within the life of a teenager can positively affect their day to day life (Photo Illustration by K. Tran).

Good habits and daily tasks are a beneficial way to keep a structured routine. 

“I use a planner everyday. I write everything down which is a little crazy, but it definitely helps because it helps me keep track of things. [A routine] helps me feel more prepared,” Maya Lozano, 11, said. 

Routines tend to be an overlooked part of a teenagers hectic life, but they can be a critical factor in becoming a more successful student and person.  

“[A routine] builds a successful person, and statistically it has shown that if you make your bed in the morning, you’re shown to be a more successful person which just goes to prove that if you have a routine you will be successful because you rely on that everyday,” Howell said.

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Hello! My name is Kayley Tran. This is my first year joining the SPUB staff. I am looking forward to improving my writing skills and being more involved with the high school. I was in Journalism my freshman year and I was a part of the yearbook staff in 8th grade. Journalism is important because it captures the voice of people and informs others. I am excited to see where this year takes me and I hope to learn as much as I can throughout the year!

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