Faculty Profile: Feeback

Zack Knust, Staff Writer

Jason Feeback is a PE teacher. He has three children Brennan, Emery, and Avery, Brennan is a college student, his two daughters are both in middle school and he has a cat named Thebes and a dog named Max. His ideal weekend is going to his children’s activities and taking his wife out on a date. 

High School Life

“I had a job all four years of high school. I was a busboy at a barbecue place. Also did football, wrestling, baseball for two years and track for another as well as weightlifting. Working and sports usually kept me pretty busy. I wasn’t a straight A student by any means, but I would say it was probably a decision on my part to not work for straight A’s. I also always took the classes they asked me to take so I tested well, but I never really felt like I was good at math, but they kept adding math classes.”

Feeback loved spending time with his friends in high school, yet wouldn’t go back and re-experience high school and fix some of his regrets.

“On my graduation day I sat in my seat and I was mad because I had opportunities to do Student Council, natural helpers and step up into leadership positions that weren’t just sports, And I didn’t, I didn’t take advantage of that. So I think that’s probably my regret. I didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities that I had in high school because of fear.”

College Life

After high school Feeback decided to go to Ottawa University for his undergrad.

“I went on my college recruiting visits and Ottawa University was my first visit and I just felt like that’s where I was supposed to be. So deciding on a college for me was I prayed about it and just went where I felt comfortable. My visit wasn’t even a great visit, but it just felt like that was the place to be and I stayed there played football all four years. I was a graduate assistant for a year which really set me up for some good down the road. “

“I wouldn’t trade my college choice for anything. I loved it. I started out as an English teacher; I wanted to be an English teacher because I thought my English teacher sucked, and I thought I could do a better job. I met with the social studies advisor in college, and I didn’t really like him but I always liked history and English. So it’s a really good fit. I also wanted to make sure I could get a job right out of [college] and be employable. And I always loved the stories that English was.”

After pursuing a career  as an english teacher he started going towards being a school counselor.

“It’s kind of funny I’d been praying about it and I got to call out of the blue from a teacher in the counseling department at Fort Hays State said that she got a message to call me. So I went up there and met with her and that’s kind of where I got on that track. I got a master’s degree from Fort Hays State University in student counseling and I was a school counselor for nine years.”

Feeback has been a teacher for 20 years and has been teaching at Spring Hill for 5 years, and he said he loves it.

Life as a Teacher

“I like teens a lot more than I like adults. And I’ve always enjoyed PE; I really wanted to get back into PE because I felt like as a school counselor, I was always catching kids past crisis point. So I would get them when they would come in and be, you know, like, ‘Why didn’t anybody see this?’ So now I feel like I can try to be that guy that can maybe catch kids plus PE is a lot of fun.

 I show up to work and I never not want to come here. So I get to interact with the best kids in school. I get to make an impact every day. And I get to just be a part of some lives and really try to shape some kids and hopefully a positive way. But it’s fun. I think teenagers keep me young; I’m already pretty immature to begin with, but some of them I watch and I’m like ‘Yeah, I really need to be more mature here because now I’m starting to sound like a high school kid’. So, to me, it’s just fun. It’s challenging. It’s different every day and just the different guys and girls I get to interact with I also work with some really great people. So I think teaching is fun. It’s exciting. It’s always a challenge.”