Fitness: A Game Changer

Delaney Hill, 10, and Emery Stevenson, 10, use the bikes in girls weights on a free day (photo by L. Haney).

Delaney Hill, 10, and Emery Stevenson, 10, use the bikes in girls weights on a free day (photo by L. Haney).

Fitness benefits people in so many ways. Both mentally and physically, fitness improves lives.

“I definitely think it improves your health. There is the mental side and the physical side and it improves both of those things. It could even be a social health aspect, too, if you’re working out with other people,” Elizabeth Delgado, gym teacher, said.

When exercising, our bodies release dopamine and endorphins in the brain that will cause feelings of happiness. The exercise forces the brain to stop producing the chemicals that cause stress.

“I feel better after I workout, have endorphins, I feel more positive about my experience and myself,” Delgado said.

Fitness can help with things such as anxiety, depression, and many other things.

“The endorphins when you get finished working out, you will just feel more positive. I prefer to run, that’s my favorite way to exercise and it’s a good stress relief. I kinda put the world away for a minute and it helps me not think about all the things I’m struggling with,” Delgado said

It’s recommended that teens get one hour of exercise most days of the week. This may not fit into some people’s schedules, but finding time to do a small amount of physical activity is better than none at all.

“I think it’s good to shoot for being active at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. I think people think ‘Oh 30 minutes a day I need to vigorously workout,’ but even going on a walk or just doing something like that or doing yoga is still being active,” Delgado said.

If it’s too hard to find time outside of school to exercise, one can always take one of the many fitness classes offered at school. There is a range of options from working out, to games, to weekly yoga days.

“We do yoga on Tuesdays usually. We don’t always do yoga. We’ll do dance, aerobics, and other stuff, too,” Delgado said.

When it comes to fitness there is truly something out there for everyone. Whether that’s weight lifting, running, yoga, sports, or anything else. Fitness can give people the outlet they need to take a break from the stress of life, and in return make them feel better.