100 Word Rant: Too Much to Do

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Mary Foley, 11

Staying on top of school work is tough. Each class in itself looks completely manageable, and teachers are justified in assigning homework, but combining all seven classes, then adding work and after school activities makes juggling everything a nearly impossible feat. Students are expected to enjoy their youth while they can, but how is that possible when nearly every minute of their day- and sometimes nights too- are taken up by various obligations and responsibilities? High school is supposed to be some of the best years of our lives, yet we are missing it because we are so stressed out.

Zachery Gies, 11

It is hard to do things when we get home from school. We may have no time to do our homework because we might have to do chores, or we have to go to work, which sometimes takes all night. Even if we do get time, it would be about thirty minutes, which some people need more time to do their homework. We also need time to go to sleep and get plenty of rest for the next day. If we do not do that, the next day we will be tired and will not pay attention in our classes.  

Amanda Ford, English teacher

Honestly, I don’t know how my students do it. There are literally not enough hours in the day for all the meetings, classes, practices, tournaments, homework, chores, jobs… the list goes on. Are y’all Hermione Granger? And I thought MY life was busy. At least I get to decide whether or not to do my own dishes tonight! But I do think something has to change; kids are too tired to learn anything in my class, and their homework is never done. If they never learn anything and get bad grades, then they’re doomed! I wish I could help more.

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100 Word Rant: Too Much to Do