What If: Spring Hill had Two High Schools

ClaireOwen, Literature Magazine Editor in Chief

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The town of Spring Hill is growing rapidly and the halls of SHHS are overflowing with students. Although in a couple of years, there will be an expansion to the high school, imagine instead that an entirely different high school was built. The now crowded hallways, which are impossible to travel from class to class without running into someone, would be relatively empty, and you could cruise up and down the halls without the worry of bumping into others. The class sizes, which now are not that big with an average of around twenty students, would shrink to twelve to fifteen students. Eventually, each high school would grow back up to capacity with the rate Spring Hill is growing, but in the early years of the two high schools, the school population would be small. There would also be the fact that our school would have to play each other in sports. This situation is normal for schools like Blue Valley and Olathe, but for Spring Hill, it’s a foreign concept. For the students that go into high school after the new school would be built, they wouldn’t be going to school with all the kids their age that live in Spring Hill, which in a town like Spring Hill, where everyone knows everyone, that would be a strange thing. With towns that have multiple high schools, rivalry is also an issue. The two schools would be competitive towards each other, but Spring Hill already has exposure to rivalry in the same school due to how competitive the Bronco Pride Competition is. Lastly, the strangest thing that would be different if Spring Hill had two schools is the fact that there would be a different mascot. Spring Hill has always been known for the Broncos, but with two schools, people would be seen with spirit wear with the new mascot for the second school. Although there is no real chance of Spring Hill building a second high school anytime in the near future, it is still interesting to imagine what life would be like for the students of Spring Hill if there were two high schools.

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What If: Spring Hill had Two High Schools