Soccer Making It To Semifinals

Mattie Crabtree

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This past week at Spring Hill High School, the Broncos soccer team played their hearts out vs Tonganoxie on Tuesday, Oct 31. The student section made sure to make it out to the game, even on Halloween to show the boys support on their road to state.

“They scored the first goal, we scored the second goal, tonganoxie scored again then we scored two more goals after that to take the final lead,” Skylar Burke, 11 said.

Going into the game the soccer boys didn’t know what to expect, meaning they hadn’t played Tonganoxie this year and didn’t know exactly what skill levels they had this season.

“We made sure to keep our heads up throughout the start of the game, all the way to the end because we didn’t know whose favor it would fall into” Burke  said.

The soccer team had lost a lot of amazing seniors the previous season of 2016-2017, but the boys weren’t going to let that keep them from working hard at every practice. Everyone wanted to get better each week with each new team they played.

“We were crazy excited, all of our hard work this season is paying off,” Skylar Burke expressed as they finished the sub state game leading them to get to participate in the semifinals game this Friday Nov. 3 at 7:00 p.m.

“We are preparing for the semi finals by making sure to put in all the extra reps in drills we can to prepare us to take on the semifinals game Friday night,” Burke said

All of the soccer team’s determination and commitment this season is definitely paying off. Make sure to come out and support the team Friday night  while they continue to amaze themselves and the community.

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