What If: Social Media Didn’t Exist?

Mattie Crabtree

Myself, along with the rest of our generation often gets caught up in the idea of social media and not think about what life without social media would be like. What if social media went away, meaning no snapchat streaks, candid instagram photos, twitter blogs, live streaming facebook videos etc. What if our generation had to actually call someone on the phone and not just send them a snapchat with a dog filter to ask them a question like we do daily.

“I personally wouldn’t be that affected if social media went away. I’m not on my phone much anyways. I spend most of my time running or working out, but when I do get a chance I do snapchat my friends.” Kalia Woodhead, 11, said

With our generation constantly being glued to their phones all day, to then not having a type of social media would cause a uprise in teenagers not knowing what to do in the spare time without sending a snapchat or checking the latest twitter feed. Students would be attending school without snapchatting their friends about the lecture in history or about not being able to hear the math lesson in Trigonometry  that day due to the loud noises made by the construction crews outside. I’m sure you’ve heard your mom say to put the phone down and enjoy the family dinner or gathering. Think what if all social media went away and you spent all your time with your friends/family face to face, not through an app. Would you personally last without social media or sending a snapchat? Before you send your next snapchat or tweet your next tweet, think about what if this all disappeared and we got to actually talk to people not through an app. The generation would be drastically changed if we weren’t glued to our apps on our phones.

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