Family or Food? The Thanksgiving Story


Ashdon Kice

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November the United States celebrates a unique holiday called Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means something different to everyone. For some it’s all about the food and for others it’s about spending time with family.

“I like being with my family and eating a ton of food [especially the] bread,” said Morgan Lahner, 9. Most people try to be with family and celebrate Thanksgiving but there are some who find it a minor holiday.

Kallie Enslinger, 10, said “It’s an unpopular opinion, but I actually am not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving. I mean I don’t mind the idea of spending time with your family and giving gratitude to the things your thankful for, but I don’t know what it is. I just am not a fan. It might just be the food, I despise Thanksgiving food.”

Thanksgiving is a holiday that seems to be skipped with Christmas being the major holiday and holiday time that it is. “It freaking bothers me [Christmas in November]. It’s not Christmas [time]! Christmas has its own month over there just stay in your lane,” mentioned Carlesha Madsen, 10.

With family coming together there comes family quirks. Goofy things like children being incredibly picky not wanting the food fixed. Those who refuse to have turkey but want some cheese pizza with no crust or a hotdog without the bun. Then you have the loud family members and the ones who are always late and ill, spreading their germs to anyone who enters the area. Funny things your family does makes your family unique and special. Having a tradition like playing football, making sure you see as much family as possible, watching the parade, watching a football game, or decorating for Christmas that night. Families come in many different traditions and sizes but coming together as a family is important for all. It’s important to know those who might not be here much longer and to know the ones who don’t live near because there is nothing greater than a good, strong family.

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