Legacy of the Forty First


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Ashdon Kice

Nov. 30, the forty-first president of the United States died.

George Herbert Walker Bush was born June 12, 1924 and was named after his grandfather George Herbert Walker Sr. who was a banker and businessman. From a young age Bush was around political activities because his father, Prescott Bush, was the senator of Connecticut.

In highschool Bush dated his future wife Barbara Pierce, asking her out during a winter dance. On his eighteenth birthday, Bush enlisted into the U.S. Navy to later become the youngest pilot during WWII. He served in 58 combat missions. During one in particular Bush escaped death after hit during a bombing run. He survived by escaping his burning aircraft to a nearby submarine. From his service Bush earned the Distinguished Flying Cross award.

After the military Bush went to Yale to study economics. After college he moved to Texas and got into the Oil and petroleum industry. He moved to Houston, TX, and started his political career as a Republican chairman. He made several connections in the political realm, and worked his way up to vice president under Ronald Reagan. Bush later ran for the presidency in 1988, and won.

During his presidency, Bush handled difficult foreign affairs and was an advocate for disability. He signed the Americans with Disability Act to help disabled Americans by making access ramps and braille a regular appearance in public buildings. Bush did a lot for this country and left behind a legacy to remember.

George W. Bush, H.W.’s son, said “George H. W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. The entire Bush family is deeply grateful for 41’s life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for Dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens.”

Source: https://www.biography.com/people/george-hw-bush-38066https://millercenter.org/president/bush/life-before-the-presidency

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