Makerspace Creates Creative Output for Students


Rebecca Fawcett, Library Media Specialist, shows Sloane Mckinney, 12, and Emily Pope, 12, how to create a vinyl cling. The vinyl cling maker is new this year (photo by LTrask).

Logan Trask, Staff Writer

Spring Hill High School is full of ways for students to have a creative outlet. One of the most accessible ways to create is the Makerspace in the library. A room full of machines and stations to do a wide range of crafts. Though this area can be a useful resource for some, many don’t know of its existence. One of the biggest supporters of the space was Rebecca Fawcett, Library Media Specialist. “The Makerspace is a place where it’s okay to try something new and not be afraid of failing. Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes. So, if something you are making is a fail, you can take what you learned from that and try again,”said Fawcett.

This year is a little different compared to the previous years. The Makerspace has a bit of funding, so everything is free to try. A student can go in and create something free of charge at a station of choice. For someone who hasn’t used the space, this can be the perfect time to try a new craft or activity. 

For Adam King, 11, it’s a tool for creative projects he would otherwise not be able to make. 

“Being budget minded, I usually make car decals for my truck instead of buying them online. I feel like the Makerspace is important to students because it gives students a break from class and allows them to be creative,” King said.  

Though this space can be used in a variety of ways, some people don’t know anything about it. Due to the new funding Fawcett is hoping to grow it. 

For someone like Jaden Gallagher, 12, the Makerspace has never been an actual thought. Gallagher said, “I’ve never personally thought about using it before. I could probably make a little something with the 3D printer or sticker maker if I wanted to.” 

This space is for anyone. For students to come in and try whatever they want, to create something and feel the satisfaction of creativity and creation. Failure is ok with this space! 

Fawcett described the space as, “ a place where it’s okay to try something new and not be afraid of failing.”