The Madrigals Create Bonds in Their Community Through Carols

Madrigals Carol Around Their Community Throughout the Holiday Season


On Dec. 7, the Madrigals Sing at Crown center bringing some holiday cheer to their community. This was just one stop out of many places the Madrigals sang at this holiday season (Photo Submitted by A.Waltrip).

The sentiment “It’s the most wonderful season of all,” is used everywhere and it seems to be extra true when the Madrigals go all around the community caroling. They carol at crown center, the arboretum and a Maverick game. They carol at the elementary and middle schools, nursing homes and churches. 

The Madrigals started preparing for the caroling season long before most of the community had even began to think of the season. 

“We started learning music in Oct. before Halloween. We do some new stuff every year, but we also do some stuff from the year before. We basically have to learn an hours worth of music, which is a lot of carols. And so we do stuff that we did the year before so that the returning madrigals can help the new madrigals learn it and then when we learn something new we all learn it together,” explained Georann Whitman, Madrigal Director.

While they started learning the carols a long time ago the tradition of going around the community is even older than most can remember. 

“[The caroling tour around all the schools] was a tradition before I got here and that I continued on. It’s also a good recruiting tool because every madrigal we have remembers when the madrigals came and sang for them in elementary school,” explained Georann Whitman, Madrigal Director.  “It’s a good way to build relationships between all of the other schools in the district. We also, sometimes, go to a nursing home or a church, a community group on that day and then we go to crown center and that also gets us out in the community.”

The singer’s share Whitman’s enthusiasm for being out in the community.

“Yeah [I enjoy caroling] because it’s just really nice to see everyone’s smiles because you just make everyone’s day,” said Ashlyn Manderfeld, Madrigal, 11 

While they make the season for everyone else it tends to leave the singers slight stressed out. 

“Oh yeah, [I’m extra busy during caroling season] most of the caroling stuff ends up being in the evening, but the caroling at the elementary school and middle schools that takes up the entire day,” said Ashlyn Manderfield, madrigal, 11.

However, they still enjoy it and see the difference it makes for people. 

“[It’s important to go caroling] because sometimes there are people who end up not being able to get another Christmas season,” said Manderfield. “Before our mavericks game we go to a nursing home and sing for them. A lot of times people in nursing home end up not getting visited by family and so it tends to cheer them up.”