Audition Information for Fall Musical, “Schoolhouse Rock Live!”

Auditions for the fall musical

Auditions for the fall musical “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” will take place on Sept. 23 in the auditorium (photo credit B.Buffum).

Taylor Dent, Stampede Editor in Chief

When all spring activities got shut down in March, that meant the theatre department’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” would never be performed. Shortly after the cancelation of the play, Brett Buffum, former theatre teacher and director, announced that he would be resigning. Ever since then, theatre students have been wondering if they would get to perform again, and if so what it was going to be like. Brian Walrod, new theatre teacher and director, offered some clarity in his first meeting with the Thespian society.

“For those who have not heard, we will be doing “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” for our musical,” said Walrod.

Walrod then went on to explain what the process was going to look like.

“Our date for auditions will be September 23…I’m gonna have you sing no more than 30 seconds. Bring in something that you want to audition with. Your audition is going to take you about 90 seconds, we don’t want to make it a long, drawn-out thing. We’ll probably have you read, but the reading is going to be very little…there just isn’t much scene work [in this show]. [We may or may not] do callbacks. I’m gonna set a date for callbacks, but we may not use them. Thursday [the 24] would either be callbacks or putting up the cast list,” said Walrod.

While it is a relief for many thespians that the fall musical will be progressing as  normally as possible, Walrod is shaking up what seasoned thespians might be used to in a show.

“For those of you that are playing sports, it might be tough for you this time around because we’re gonna do rehearsals starting at 3:45 every day. So I apologize if in the past you were able to do a sport and be in the musical, but that’s how we’re gonna do it this time around, and most likely how it’s gonna end up being in the long run,” said Walrod.

Once auditions are over, make sure to read the cast list carefully, as for the first time in many years the theater will likely be casting understudies. 

“[We’re] probably gonna have understudies, and it’s only fair to hopefully have an understudy show, where those people that take on those lead roles and know all those songs get the opportunity to perform too,” said Walrod.

Understudies, who step in to play a role if the original actor is unable to, would be especially important this year, as an actor could be quarantined at any time. 

As always, auditions are open to any and all high school students who would like to participate. All that is needed is a mask, a song selection, and lots of energy.

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