Business Review: Pop’s Sweet Shop


Pop’s Sweet Shop is a new addition to downtown Spring Hill as of November 29th, selling homemade fudge, candy, ice cream, and unique flavors of cotton candy (photo credit O. Leblanc).

Olivia Leblanc, Graphics Manager

Pop’s Sweet Shop is a new business that recently came to downtown Spring Hill. It opened on Friday, November 29, and around 30 people showed up to their grand opening. Many special different candies and treats awaited the excited crowd. This shop moved in and opened up in just 30 days! 

Every single aspect of this shop is unique and interesting in its own way. This unique little shop sells not only candy but homemade fudge, cotton candy, ice cream, and homemade syrups ranging from caramel to marshmallow. They don’t just sell regular cotton candy, either they sell different flavors like champagne, key lime, and even coconut. They gave out free champagne-flavored cotton candy that tastes absolutely amazing. It tasted like sparkling juice and wasn’t too sugary or sweet. Their ice cream options are endless as well; there are over 15 different flavors with all sorts of options. Sundaes? Sure! Malts and milkshakes? You bet!  Then for those who want scoops of ice cream they can customize, customers can choose from their huge array of toppings and syrups. Their ice cream is all Blue Bell branded that tastes so heavenly! They switch up flavors every day since they have so many kinds. The different flavors displayed included rocky road, white chocolate raspberry, snickers, cookie dough, and many more. 

They also sell homemade fudge, which was rich with a nice combination of flavors. I could easily sit down with blocks of their fudge and eat it all day. No matter what you’re craving, there is definitely something for everyone. Pop’s Sweet Shop is a very nice addition to downtown Spring Hill. They took the place of an old salon and turned it into a fun new store to stop by and get sugary delights. What a sweet treat it has been to have a new business in Spring Hill.