Bronco Band Marches Back to the Field


On Aug. 23, there was a back to school pep assembly to show both the sophomores and freshmen how a pep assembly work (Photo by A. Shelter).

“I have forgotten [lots of things] over the past year. It has definitely been a learning curve, even for me, to try to remember what all we did to become successful,” said Dan Wooge, director. 

Finally, after a year of sports and activities being halted, or slowed down, the high school band has marched back onto the field more ready than ever to perform their field show of “Steely Dan.” 

“It’s tough having two years worth of kids who have never done this stuff before, but they are learning quite fast,” Wooge said.

Having a gap year has made things slightly strange for both upperclassmen and underclassmen. 

“It doesn’t feel too different, but we have had to teach two grades this year to march and how to read a drill chart,” said Stephen Rachford, Junior Field Director, 11.

Now, because of the gap year, upperclassmen have to step up and take on the role of helping the new band members with marching. Even though the “new members” came last year, they are still relatively new to the marching portion of the band. 

“Marching has changed in a way that the seniors ahead of me are gone,” said Iommi Paulsen, 12.

Not only have there been changes in experience and grades, there has  been a  change in positions as well. 

“It has completely changed for me because now I am not on the field playing and marching with everyone, instead I’m teaching others,” said Rachford.

Rachford has gone from marching for a year, and now is a field director, directing the band as they perform. Due to the canceled season last year, he has had to step up suddenly due to the shift of graduating band members, and two new groups of band kids. The band now has learned the majority of their show and are hoping to perform their newly learned section, “Rikki”, at the homecoming game taking place Friday, Sept. 24.